I chose this title reluctantly because I hate when people use the phrase “you go girl”, unless it’s Oprah Winfrey. Oprah can do whatever the fuck she wants to do and I’m fine with it….. See, my wife loves Oprah and I love my wife. It’s called “scoring points” and “keeping a happy household” in a “van down by the river”. Oh, I miss you Chris Farley. But I digest…. We are talking about the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, so the stupid title fits. Even though it makes me want to punch myself in the dick.

Back in the day, Saturday nights were reserved for drinking illicitly obtained adult themed beverages in the woods. Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew comes to mind. Good old SoMoDewCos… (Eeewww,I think I just threw up in my mind)…..within close proximity to a raging bonfire. With a boombox playing some heavy metal waaaaayyy to loud, inevitably drawing the attention of the local federales. After making a hasty retreat through forests and swamps and cemeteries I would stumble home where I would create and consume some type of ill-conceived culinary cluster fuck. Then I would collapse on the couch and watch GLOW. It didn’t start until like one in the morning and it was pretty sexy stuff for a growing boy still years away from harnessing the power of this “Skinemax” thing that those older boys kept giggling about. This was over the airwaves shit too, not some premium porno channel like Lifetime network or Bravo. Anyway long blog short, what I’m saying is GLOW was the backbone of a vibrant America then, and it could be and should be the backbone of a resurgent America today! Come on America, Let’s get our backbone back!

And if we should get a few frontbones out of it too? Bonus.

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