This is a video for Karate, an epic rock epic I recorded. Yes, I realize that I said epic twice. I did that because I feel it warrants it. I would have said it three times but I’m sure you would have pointed that out, too. My friend Bill Powers, owner of Powers Microphone Company, wrote and recorded all the music. I wrote the lyrics and sang it. Our friend Dave Coy joined us for the gang vocals at the end of it. Bill made the video and uploaded it to YouTube. It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Which I do. So I’m pimping it over here. Which is what this thing we’re doing is all about, right? I would ask you to vote for it for MTV’s TRL, but they stopped playing music videos sometime during the second Clinton administration. So instead, I will just ask you to watch it here.  At least 30 times please, and pass it around, for the love of Mister Miyagi. Tell your friends. I bet they wish they knew karate, too.

Also if you are a musician, or love a musician, or hope to love a musician, do yourself a favor and visit Bill’s website at He hand makes some very high-quality microphones comparable to “the big boy” companies at a fraction of the cost. They’re really very impressive and you should definitely check him out. Hey, Christmas is coming.

So without further ado, I give to you, Karate

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