There’s a lot of talk about the new pope. There’s been so much news coverage with various reporters from numerous channels all hanging outside the Vatican like a bunch of screaming pre-teen Beliebers. They are all talking about the pomp and the circumstance. Talking about the secret papal conclave. They’re talking about a lot of things. But they’re also totally not talking about one specific thing……The only thing, really.

And all that comes to my mind is this beautiful little ditty by the extraordinarily talented Tim Minchin. It says it all.

I should probably say that this is NSFW (not safe for work) but I don’t know where the fuck you work. You could have a fucking sweet ass job selling handjobs for ham sandwiches somewhere, in which case this is totally appropriate for work (TAFW).


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  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Well, now, that’s quite the little ditty. It’s like watching a Quentin Taratino movie minus the violence. But now it’s stuck in my head…

  2. stephrogers says:

    YAY for Aussies! Didn’t know you guys liked Tim Minchin!

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