So seriously, what’s a blog? I just write down random thoughts and put it on the internet? For people to read and smugly comment, “That’s not funny, I wish someone would punch this fucking morons dick loose!”?

Three thoughts on that. Thought #1-Calm down dude, or lady dude. I mean you no offense, so please don’t punch my dick loose or hire/encourage a second party to punch my dick loose. I have a $4,000 front-end deductible on my health insurance and I’m pretty sure penis re-attachment surgery will eat into most of that.

Thought Letter B- You should probably know that this blog is intended for a mature-ish audience and salty language could be tossed about with reckless abandon. Or possibly reckfull abandon, if that is indeed a thing. Let’s make it a thing…. Our thing. Fuck yeah.

Thought Roman Numeral III-I probably should have warned you about the whorish language first and my shitty health coverage second. Hey, I’m learning. Baby steps…

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  1. Connie Bigslob says:

    Nice! I’ve always wanted to read a whoreishly (is that a word) blog!!

  2. Kelly D says:

    Hello… That is all for now.

  3. Let me be the first to congratulate you on your very own blog. I trust that call from the FCC you’re about to recieve for salty language won’t detract from the excitement of being able to tell your friends — nay, the world — to fuck off.

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